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Goodbye Austin Hello Open Road

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The weekend was long. We left San Marcos, Texas on Friday at 1:00 PM, and went to my uncles’ house in Dallas. We spent the night at my parents’ house in Fort Worth, 40 minutes from my uncles house.

We spent the morning solving problems with the air conditioning of the Phoenix (our caravan) and last minute purchases.

Saturday at 4pm, we set out for Tularosa in New Mexico. We had to stay overnight in Abilene a few hours from the border, and we arrived at our campsite on Sunday around 10pm local time, 11pm Texas time.

Although today is not exactly the first day, it’s as if it were. We woke up early because of Skye, our kitten and the third ‘child’.

It was not our first day of travel, but it was the first day without the feeling of support, of attachment to the usual, to the things that have always been there. The usual shops, the friends, everything … or, better … nothing.

This is not the first time I’ve had to start life anywhere else. Thanks to the US, Russian, and Portuguese governments, I had to leave Mozambique. Thanks to my parents. I had the opportunity to learn to start again in my youth.

After all, it is a leap of faith, in a way, with a dream in the idea, and sure that everything will go well. But we do not know what lies ahead. And it is this onslaught against uncertainty, and, like my ancestors, to discover the future.

That’s what The Phoenix Journeys is about – our growth and experiences and transformations, aboard our auto-caravan, the “Phoenix.”

And how was this “first” day?

I took the girls to the street and realized the beauty that surrounds us here in the desert of New Mexico. The mountains in the distance, bushes everywhere, and a haunting silence.

What peace. There are no cars, no trains, no planes (only once in a while).

Only if there were the crickets, and another bicharada.

The neighbors we know are friendly. They are almost all more mature than we are, but I think there are a couple with 2 kids who should be around our age.

Most people live here in their carriages. There are only 1 couple, retirees, who are in a caravan. Came to talk to us when we went to try our “drone” Breeze.

People, in general, are nice in the parks. The pace of life is different.

On the one hand, there are people who, like us, have abandoned conventional life to explore the world, and people who are on vacation, or see camping only for the weekend.

Life goes on. You work, you eat, you pay the bills, and you go out at night with your friends.

But now, for us, it’s different. Let’s see what comes out of here. I hope that our journeys entertain you, inspire you, and cause you to change something in your lives that is needed.

A big hug and see you soon!

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