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Encore/Thousand Trails Review: Rose Bay Florida

Thousand Trails Bay Rose

The Rose Bay RV campground in Port Orange Florida, part of the Encore/ Thousand Trails campgrounds, is about 10 minutes away from Daytona Beach. It’s off a main road in a fairly nondescript area that is conveniently close to New Smyrna, to the south and the causeway that leads to Daytona Beach.

Like many of the parks associated with Thousand Trails, this one is predominately filled with permanent dwellers in manufactured homes. (aka it’s a trailer park.) The majority are well-maintained but there are a few dilapidated eye-sores intermingled throughout. It’s not terrible though and seemed to be a very thriving park.

Typical view of the set-up at Rose Bay RV park

The RV spots are all back-in onto grass. We were sandwiched between two mobile homes. It backed up to the small marsh, which in Jan, had an infrequent musty smell but didn’t seem to have many mosquitos at that time of year. Some spots have cement patios and pads, and some do not. And some, like ours, have a weird half cement pad and broken cement patio.

Adding to the strange spot, the power and water hook-ups were placed on the opposite side of the site. The same side as the patio. This forced us to stretch our water and power lines from the driver’s side, under our rig, across the broken patio, and attach to the shared water spout and power tower, with the permanent resident.

You can see our powerline stretched across the broken concrete patio

This particular site is was unlevel, we (like many before us) had no choice but to park half on the concrete and half on the grass. I’m guessing that may be why there is broken concrete but we really couldn’t make heads or tails of how it was layed out.

This area of Florida is also a major motorcycle destination. Many of the people who appeared to live in this park full-time had motorcycles and “Watch for Motorcycles” signs in front of their spot.

The park does have its own access to the river where, according to the signs, you can sometimes receive visits from manatees. We didn’t see any while we were there though. The river still made for a pretty view if you happened to get a spot in that area.

And the last thing to mention is the train. This park is right off the tracks to a train that runs about every 60-90 mins throughout the day and all through the night and early morning hours. The first few nights it was quite disruptive, literally shaking the ground (and our motorhome). After a few days, we adjusted and started sleeping with headphones (my husband loves to hear his rain soundtrack). After 10 days, we just got used to it and accepted that it was just the price you paid for staying there.

So the big question: Would we go back and would we recommend it to others? Yes on both counts. It’s close proximity to areas of interest and overall friendly residents and staff, not to mention a FREE campsite with our Thousand Trails Elite membership, make it a no-brainer. Once you get over the train, the trailers, and unusual site setup.


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